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April 2014 saw the country of Nigeria being named as the largest economy in the African continent with its 2013 gross domestic product (GDP) at $510 billion, well over South Africa’s $350 billion. Nigeria has over 160 million people: more than half of the US population as of 2012. While the GDP is on the rise, there is no noticeable improvement in the standard of living of the average youth in the country. Manufacturing and agriculture, among other sectors, still need to improve. Fortunately, there are new impressive start-ups and businesses led by young Nigerians (less than 40 years of age) in the country. This is encouraging but still begs more work. For the millions of people in the country, infrastructure must be made safe and be effectively managed, the abundant sunlight in the country must be better harnessed for electricity, there must be assurance of strong security in the North and East, among other things. The individuals who will implement, execute and possibly design some of this work in the next decades are our youth. This is where EmpowerDISS comes in.

The members of the board of this program/initiative are making it a point to provide students of our alma mater, Dority International Secondary School (D.I.S.S.) in Aba Nigeria, with as many resources as effectively possible to break fallow ground in Nigeria. We are empowering the current students to stand up and solve real Nigerian problems, one at a time while working in groups. These students cannot reach their full potentials without guidance and mentorship from the alumni and other experienced individuals.

Contact us for more information or when you would like to receive an update on the work we are doing. Join us in making a difference in the Aba community and Nigeria as a whole. Thank you!

Current Projects

  • Group Solve!
    Students are given the opportunity to solve Nigerian problems in groups.
  • Careers Explained!
    Students get to listen to descriptions of careers and occupations from different individuals.
  • Program Me!
    Students program and work with robots.
  • Play for You
    Students (male and female) are encouraged to participate in sports activities at school.


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